– Photo and Digital Print
Boston Post Road, a classic American strip mall following the coast of Connecticut, dates back to the 17th century when mail delivery between New York and Boston began. Nowadays it’s what Rem Koolhaas would call ‘junk space’: big shiny malls located next to smaller businesses with worn-down facades. My photo project documents the ever changing facades, the moment when a snake sheds its skin. In contrast to projects like Ed Ruscha’s ‘Every Building on the Sunset Strip’ and other works from this time, my project is not documenting the overall life of and in the place. It’s about these smaller moments where cropping creates an abstraction that only hints at the context where the photo is taken. A recomposition of these moments. Subsequently the images are misprinted multiple times in layers on top of each other to further remove and distance them from the original context. This is a series of eight 11x17 prints, which may be reproduced in further steps in the future.