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An edition of posters for the Fall Workshop Series 2015 at Digital Media Center of the Arts (DMCA), Yale. Arranged in collaboration with various organisations at the university, the workshops have featured speakers from a wide range of cultural disciplines within the fine arts, film, photography, design, and music.
The posters aim to establish a clear connection between the semester's workshops by representing time through layering. All information concerning a current workshop is printed in black on top of prior workshop posters, visible in layers of coloured outlines. In this way, each poster becomes an archive for a specific moment in the series blocked out by the current layer – the current information masks out previous information. As the series progresses the outlined layers make up a pattern of coloured noise existing beneath the black layer, designed differently for each event. Black as foreground colour of the top layer is thereby the only similarity the posters share, and even without a design template this makes the poster series appear both coherent and recognisable. Each poster contains different display typefaces designed specifically for the DMCA Workshop Series, together with a monospace typeface for the additional information.

DMCA 2015 no. 1

DMCA 2015 no. 2

DMCA 2015 no. 3

DMCA 2015 no. 4

DMCA 2015 no. 5

DMCA 2015 no. 6

DMCA 2015 no. 7

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Website Projection

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