A series of posters for Digital Media Center of the Arts (DMCA) based on the fairytale ʻHvad fatter gør er altid det rigtigeʼ (What The Old Man Does Is Always Right) by Danish author H.C. Andersen. This seriality is based on exchange, or to put it in another way, referring to the moral of the tale: Even a bad trade is a new beginning. For every poster in the series I traded objects with a friend and these new objects became the tool for generating new images. Every object had to be used in some capacity, but the idea of a certain object was as legitimate as a visual representation (e.g., a scan). After creating a poster I traded the related objects for something new. The project was a challenge of making imagery out of limited means.

(DMCA 2016 no. 1)  A bunch of old photos purchased in a second hand store in Derby Connecticut
(DMCA 2016 no. 2)  a grey mousepad, a colander with one handle, a sponge and print of Las Vegas
(DMCA 2016 no. 3)  two stones, a parrot sticker, a fake diamond and a bouncy ball
(DMCA 2016 no. 4)  some rosemary
(DMCA 2016 no. 5)  a pink fan
(DMCA 2016 no. 6)  Postcards, personal teenage photos, an electrical system print
(DMCA 2016 no. 7)  two magazine pages, two photos of pointy hands, a lamp
(DMCA 2016 no. 8)  becomes A photo of Kennedy, Ikea instructions, graph paper, 
a toll receipt,
                  a record, a polaroid photo, a punch card and a postcard

DMCA 2016 no. 8: Spike Lee

DMCA 2016 no. 7: Robert Bowen and Jason Smeltzer

DMCA 2016 no. 6: Aylin Tekiner

DMCA 2016 no. 5: Andrew Schartman and Lindsay Grace

DMCA 2016 no. 4: Art/Feminism and Wiki/Workshop

DMCA 2016 no. 3: Samuel Rowlett

DMCA 2016 no. 2: Federico Solmi and Jake Jefferies

DMCA 2016 no. 1: Thomas Allen Harris

Exchange Agreement