– Identity Design with
with Joshua Graver, Ben Fehrman-Lee, Maziyar Pahlevan
The project evolved around the idea of the Y’arrow. The vertical stroke in a capital Y is extended and exists as a path to follow. This way-finding system was executed by having custom-made tape all over the art school so visitors could find their way through the different floors and buildings by tracking the Y’arrow. Finding the way around at this event was our main focus in the project. In the end the tape became a template for all our work. Printed matter was hung on the path, flyer stands were marked and busses were wrapped in the tape.

We limited ourselves to using only black and white to gain some coherence in a slightly anarchistic process where each designer had his own expression and ideas. The flyers were also based on a template consisting of the necessary information, but again these would vary in paper type and additional layers of graphics and images added. It all ended up as an interesting suggestion as to how a flexibility platform can create consistency. 
Promotion video by Martin Bek
Video by Joshua Graver