– Type design + Animation, visit SPACE website.
This typeface is based on shapes moving in and out of sync, from a static to a dynamic and imperfect state. The movements derive from Species of Spaces, a poem by the French writer George Perec. LOST IN SPACE is breaking into pieces while LIVING SPACE becomes a liquid shape, both returning to the normal state, but in different rhythms. New rhythms can be created having two different SPACES placed one on top of the other. Now, the rhythm is changed and the time is extended before it goes back to the static ‘perfect’ state – and from there, beginning all over again. I’m drawn to that moment just before and after the normal state, just like in an old soul record when the drummer hits the note slightly delayed on the guitar or vice versa. In addition to this, I created a monospace typeface as the tool to carry out these visual exercises and finally displayed it at my slot machine website where you can click through different SPACES.