– Yale MFA Second Year Show, Printed Identity
with Laura Foxgrover
In the very beginning of 3rd semester at Yale, I worked on the exhibition design for the Second Year Show with Laura. The show was up for only a week, and we entered the project quite late in the process, which left us with only a couple of days to produce and install our work. The interesting part about this project was that all the art works were already installed in the gallery when we began working. We got a unique opportunity to present the work in its actual context.

Our concept was to document the work in the show with close-up photos that focused only on fragments, so the representation of the art work was highly personally selected by us – a guided tour throughout the exhibition, you could say. We created four different posters, which each had a different way of showing the images: pattern, riso printed+scanned, spatial presentation and collage. Four iterations of reproducing a reproduction. We worked with black/white newsprint to emphasise temporality and the anarchistic curation of the show. The posters functioned not only as a promotion, but also as a piece within the show; visitors could grab a poster and make a hat of it, which they could later bring home. The hat functioned as a participatory act wherein visitors followed instructions on how to fold the hat out of our posters provided by us in the exhibition space. The hat in itself did not contain any significant symbolism; instead, it served as a way of making visitors take a part of the exhibition home while also internalising it as a part of themselves during the exhibition itself.