– Riso-prints transferred to photo paper
with Kyle Goldbach
The scavenger furthers but does not progress
Connotation by accumulation
Reworked plates derives from waste

Collaboration is movement
Calculated schizophrenia
An extension of us

There is no errors, only organization
Reworked and processed
All a pause in the sequence


This collaboration can formally be conceived as an self-sustaining ecosystem.

The ecosystem is heavily predicated upon the usefulness of waste.
(What if you can eat your own shit?)

The risograph is an organism that consumes and metabolizes images and waste plates are fertilizer which reflects its environment.

The saturated palette of the organism reflects the constructed use of color in the creation of desire.
Like the bowerbirds courtship ritual of organizing brightly colored material to attract a mate.

Ritualized labour is determined by the organism and exist as respiration within the ecosystem.

The aim is reproduction.